Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Entering the Portal of Re-membering

Today I am beginning to share with you in the first in a series of
channelings that came to me around the subject of Spiritual Freedom.
These channelings often contain practical steps that can be taken in
order to detach oneself from what the guides consider overinvolvement
in physical reality, and how to enter portals that bring us into a
greater alignment and communion with spirit.

With Love and Blessings,

Claiming Your Spiritual Bill of Rights and Entering the Portal of

Your heart is always speaking to you. Imagine this voice of your
heart contains the whispers of your soul. If you follow these
whispers, they will guide you out of the densities of suffering and
enslavement to physical, material reality. If, for example, your
heart tells you that it no longer wishes to be chained to the karma of
oil cartels, you can resolve that your next car will run on
alternative fuel. If your heart tells you that it no longer wishes to
be chained to the karma of the slaughterhouse, you can move toward a
vegetarian diet. By doing so, you follow the desires of your soul and
begin to free yourself from the densities of collective consciousness.
It is as simple as listening to your heart and taking the steps you
can take now, in this moment, to begin to carry out these desires of
your soul. Even in taking small steps, you create an energetic
pathway, you set down a footprint in a direction that in time will
take you into the Portal of Transformation. This portal is a vehicle
to carry you further along the path of your personal liberation.

Documents such as the Bill of Rights are blueprints outlining certain
freedoms you are entitled to in an ideal society. Consider this a
laundry list of possibilities, not a given. You must show up to claim
these rights. You must learn how to wield them and how to own them.
Otherwise, they remain useless as a fleet of new cars sealed in a
parking garage. The only freedoms are those you claim as your own.
Now, imagine there is a Spiritual Bill of Rights. This Bill of Rights
states that each person is entitled to time and space on a regular
basis to commune with spirit in whatever way they choose. This Bill
of Rights states that each person is entitled to Divine Communion,
Divine Love, and Divine Purpose. Imagine each person entitled to the
Freedom to Speak the Truth of Their Soul. Each person entitled to
Divine Abundance. The fact that you're reading this says you're ready
to claim this Spiritual Bill of Rights. You have already begun the
process of freeing yourself from enslavement to the Earth Plane. You
have begun the process of liberating yourself from the Wheel of
Suffering by taking another step away from over-identifying with your
Earth Dreams. You release suffering when you accept the Divine Gift of
everything that happens in your life. Inherent within this acceptance
is the ability to transmute every experience into another rung on the
ladder to your higher self. Transforming raw experience into the food
of spirit means you no longer resist what you attract into your life.
Instead, you accept each thing that comes your way. You accept and
you embrace it. You express gratitude for these experiences. In this
way, you are no longer enslaved by fear of what might be, and
resistance to it. You're now the creator of what is and what will be.
Inside this Divine Will of Creation, you claim your Spiritual Bill of
Rights and step into the Portal of Unlimited Possibility.

So even if gas stations were giving away petroleum-based products, you
would not be swayed from following the desires of your heart. You
would still seek alternatives to fossil fuel because your spirit
wishes to be free from the karma associated with the business of oil.
In doing so, you have severed a thread binding you to wars waged in
the name of access to oil reserves. This is one example of how you
liberate yourself from enslavement to outer reality and the collective

As you learn to listen to the voice of your heart, you take steps
daily along the path of the inner-driven life. You no longer chart
your course by the light of fallen stars, for today's manifestations
are but the efforts of the past. Today's creations are the food of
your future. Your heart will guide you in choosing which seeds to
plant. Learn to listen to your heart. It whispers to you from the
desires of your soul, entraining you to a course that will lead you
out of slavery and suffering and into the Portal of Re-membering.
Inside the Portal of Re-membering, you remember who you truly are and
commune with this essence of your soul across time. It is inside this
Portal where the map of your path is drawn. The arc of your journey
past, present and future resides here, shimmering in crystalline form.
Inside this portal, all understandings are whole and complete. This
is the Portal you pass through to access other dimensions. Within
this Portal, the cycle of earthly lives is complete.

The "fast-track" to the Portal of Re-membering is to align with the
consciousness of the version of yourself that is already there inside
the Portal and allow the light of your future consciousness to become
the star you steer by, guiding you to your spiritual home.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Deborah & Peter's Schedule

Deborah & Peter's Upcoming Events Schedule

Saturday, September 9, 2006 An Evening of Channeling with Peter hosted by Christene Segal in Bella Vista 7-9 p.m. This event will focus on techniques for creating emotional freedom and provides all the tools needed to reunify your soul and free yourself from the human dilemma. A question and answer session will follow. Seating is limited, so please RSVP as soon as possible by calling 479-756-9631. Directions provided upon registration. Cost is $15 per person. Those who atten are encouraged to bring folding chairs.

Saturday & Sunday, October 14-15,2006 Spirit Fair, Clarion Inn, Fayetteville AR. Deborah and Peter will have reader booths at this fair and Deborah will share a vendor booth with Pam Curry, who has La Luna skin care and facial products, as well as retro jewelry. Deborah will be seliing her line of intentional jewelry along with Peter's channeling and holotropic breathing CD and some booklets. Deborah and Peter will be teaching a two-hour channeling workshop at the fair. For further information, check the www.spiritfair.com website a week before the fair.

Saturday, Nov. 4 2006 Channeling Workshop 11 a.m -4 pm; Raw Potluck and An Evening of Channeling with Peter, 7-9 pm. in Bella Vista. Cost for workshop $35; Channeling $15

Saturday & Sunday November 25-26, 2006 Spirit Fair in Springfield, MO.

Saturday, Dec. 2, 2006 Passages Intuitive Arts Day